Technology is destroying our intimacy. In fact, we are having less sex now that we were a generation ago. Luckily, SKYN is on a mission to save that. Nice social commentary in this darkly dystopian ad from Sid Lee Paris. Directed by Terence Neale (Insurrection), the ad doesn't slam all technology. The condom brands SKYNFEEL™ technology, which is made from ultra-thin and ultra-soft material is a good thing, right? Anything to get the rate of sex up. Isn't it interesting that as a condom brand their biggest problem isn't that people aren't wearing condoms, but that people aren't having sex as much as they used to because we're more interested in our smart phones?
Céline and Clément Mornet-Landa, Creative Directors at Sid Lee Paris explained it thusly: “Today it’s easier to look at strangers’ everyday lives on Instagram than it is to meet someone in person. When Netflix launched, for example, sexual relations dropped 10%.”

SxWell - SKYN

Chief Executive Officer: Jeyan Heper

Vice President Global Marketing: Matthew Groskorth

Head of Strategic Planning- Global Marketing: Marta Toth

Global Brand Marketing Manager: Nicolas Woussen


Chairman & Executive Creative Director: Sylvain Thirache

President: Johan Delpuech

Creative Directors: Céline & Clément Mornet-Landa

Head Strategist: Patrice Zamy

Managing Director: Mehdi Benali

Copywriter: Max Harrington

Art Director: Ludovic Gontrand

Account Director: Héloïse Marchal

Account Manager: Trisha Mitra

Head of Production: Thomas Laget

TV Producer: Marine Redon


Production: Insurrection

Director: Terence Neale

Director of Photography: Zack Spiger

Executive Producer: Mounia Mebarki

Line Producer: Elsa Rodach

Production Services: Family

Post-Production: Mathematic

Post-Producer: Julie Lagadec

Editor: Adriana Legay

Colorist: Laurent Ripoll