Only 4% of car salespeople in the Opel dealership network are women. And yet 50% of women buy cars, too.
To change this, Opel created a fake company called Jade ( an inverted version of their logo) and then placed help wanted ads for customer service representative positions to lure women in. During the interview, they then revealed that it was for the car company and they'd be working as car dealers.
If you have to trick a woman into taking the job is this really a good thing? If I were a woman I'd probably be offended that Opel doesn't assume I'm smart enough to make an informed choice about where I want to work. II wonder what the outcome would be if a plumbing company or garbage collection company tried this.

CLIENT: Opel Nederland

RESPONSIBLE CLIENT: Sander Jansen, Esther Roodklif, Robin Uebbing, Michel Vercruyssen

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AGENCY: J. Walter Thompson Amsterdam

CREATIVE DIRECTORS: Friso Ludenhoff, Maarten Vrouwes

CREATIVES: Ruben Sonneveld, Daniel Snelders


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