advertising jokes

A revolutionary new product developed to reduce phone ageing

giffgaff introduces Cracked Screen Balm, a revolutionary new moisturising balm that not only keeps phone screens supple, but also miraculously repairs cracked screens to keep your phone looking fresh.

With the invention of the Maytag "smart phone," in the form of a Lilliputian Maytag Man, now you can have all the power, durability and dependability you've come to expect from a brand that insists those words appear in communication, even when it's supposed to be a joke.

True their company motto to #NeverSettle, OnePlus set out to solve those annoying problems we meet daily in live, including slippery shoes, phones, soaps and cups. Inspired by sandstone case you can get with OnePlus phone, they realized it is the ultimate cure against slippery things.